The Goal

Our goal is an all-salaried staff.   This mission, by its very nature, is an ongoing effort to constantly refine and redefine curriculum content and the technology methods to deliver it.   To support this, we must seek to hire top-quality professionals to provide the best possible solution for learners.

With that said, we are currently in the early phases of our organizational development and some volunteer assistance is needed for a period of time.   Anyone interested in volunteering in any of the areas below, please email  with a brief description of the area of expertise (see below) you would like to support.

** Of course, any volunteers participating with us will have first pick as funding levels support new salaried roles.

Benefits Focus

Most new startup organizations attract talent by offering stock options as an incentive with the hope of value developing time.   This helps hold salaries lower while the organization navigates through early funding cycles.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, Echelon Pathways Foundation cannot make such an offer as there are no shares of stock in a public charity.   Instead, we are focusing on delivering tangible value to our team members through providing exceptional benefits.   The market has wild benefit options that tend to sound cool until most people realize they provide no value to them.

The single biggest benefit (beyond salary of course) is MEDICAL INSURANCE.   EPF is working right now to establish a true ZERO COST to the employee medical coverage plan through 100% premium coverage and implementation of HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) accounts.

The HRA will take co-pay, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs and redirect them right back to EPF.   We aim to seek out and hire the very best team members possible, so the last thing we want is our team stressed about the financial aspect of any medical care they need.

Areas of Expertise

THIS IS BIG.   We know all too well donation campaigns will either not cover the cost or will at least significantly slow how fast we can get the platform up and running.   We fully expect an ongoing team of Grant Writers to accelerate work toward our mission.

**If you would consider volunteering in this space for a short time to help us launch faster, please contact us at .

Our mission will need one of the most comprehensive technology teams around.   Cloud Infrastructure, Information Security, Software Engineering, AR/VR Engineering, Web Designers, Enterprise Architects, Graphic Artists, Data Architects, Data Analysts, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, the list goes on.   However, we will also be looking for team members in these areas that are great at fluidly collaborating with the education/curriculum teams to deliver the best solutions in the market.

(**IF you just want someone to hand you requirements and then you go work in isloation, we are not the place for you.. )

One of the most exciting roles within EPF will be as a Curriculum Developer.   The roles are filled by teachers with as diverse of professional and personal background as we can possibly find.   At the very core of EPF is the concept of building dynamic curriculum that allows learners’ and their families the ability to tailor courses to their values.   For us to deliver this requires having ALL of those value systems within our own employee base.

Curriculum development teams will have the distinct pleasure of working on many pathways including but not limited to:

  • amazing content development
  • research projects to evaluate technology solutions for effectiveness
  • create new and integrated special needs solutions
  • researching techniques that support both remote and in-person learning
  • driving outreach programs to teachers nation-wide to continually gain feedback for improvement

EPF will be looking for financial and legal team members that are excited about our mission and want to use their exceptional skills to make a difference.   These teams will be an organizational foundation for which other teams will be able to thrive upon.

Some of the impact areas our exceptional team will deliver include:

  • Recruiting/Hiring
  • Donation/Grant Management
  • Contract Management
  • Benefits Development/Coordination
  • Intellectual Property Protection

Staying in touch with the public and keeping them in touch with us will require a dedicated team.   Delivering our message, hearing public feedback, staying engaged with our donors and constantly seeking new donors is a huge job with many exciting facets.   EPF will be seeking some exceptional extroverts to constantly spice things up!